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Sophemi Publishing Solutions

One of our authors described us as "Creative Geeks". We like that.

Because, basically, we do the techie stuff while you get on with the writing.

But we like to think that our 'techie' stuff will also make you look good.

Check out what we offer below and please get in touch if you like what you see.

Indie Publishing Solutions
For Writers Who Just Want To Write

Ebook Formatting

We know html and styles inside out - and we know the pitfalls of Word! Our authors are happy authors, because their ebooks look great and work perfectly.

Print Formatting

Formatting for print is sometimes looked upon as easy. After all, it's only Word, isn't it? But Word can turn around and bite you if you're not careful!


Forget social media, an author needs her own self-hosted, mobile-friendly website if she wants to have complete control over her platform.


To find out more, or discuss how we might help you on your indie publishing journey, email us using this form. Please rest assured, we will respond promptly and we won't rent, sell, or share your personal information with any other party.

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